No Meeting Agenda but an Open discussion

  1. FPME Membership is growing, it is important to create a Bonding amongst the Members
  2. Invite new members to have better insight into FPME. Usually, Fireside Chats are a great Interactive alternative to the traditional presentations. Essence / Objective of Fireside Chats is an Informal Conversation between the FPME Board, FPME Committee, its Members, and guests
  3. Our First Fire Side Chat Meeting was held on 5th March 2021 by the Gujarat Chapter.
  4. This meeting was restricted among 10-15 Members for 30 Minutes. Non Members & Prospective Members are also invited to know about the FPME Forum & its Activities.
  5. The Normal Process of the Fireside Chats is each Member present gives a Brief about his profile, activities, hobbies, or any other topic he/ she would like to share. Each Participant follows the process and shares their thoughts, insights. No Meeting Agenda but an Open discussion
  6. The Participants for the 1 st Fireside Chat were Mr. Sandeep Modi, Mr. Jaynesh Patel, Mr. Ashish Shah, Mr. Shashi Menon, Mr. Vishal Shah, Mr. Krishnakant Patel, Mr. Alish Sinojia, Mr. Hitesh Dani, Mr. Ashish Sheth
  7. During the Freewheeling Chat ideas were exchanged and the future opportunities & possibilities for the growth of Pharma Merchant Exporters Community & Industry as a whole.  Members gave very constructive suggestions. Few persistent issues were shared & future steps were discussed.
  8. Based on the Suggestion of a Present Member we have decided to start a Foreign Market Outreach section in our Quarterly FPME Bulletin. In this section, Members will share their knowledge & experience of a particular Foreign Market for the purpose of ready reckoner & guide to other members of the Federation. Members
  9. Every month we aim to continue this Fire Side Meeting. All Members are requested to participate in this short Fire Side.